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The basic objective of the HIPEC treatment is to cause a shock of the cancer cells by the temperature (heat shock protein). In order to ensure the maximal shock effect is important to transmit the heat to the cells in the shortest possible time.
Blodleak detector detects a change in volume of blood leaking from wounds into the circulating solution. It is the important part to keep patient safety. It can detects problems much sooner than anesthesiologists can.
Sterile heating is the main function of the SKALA LA-1. A smart solution is used to reach the maximal effeciency in the heat transfering with keeping down costs of hospitals.
ClassificationClass IIb, type BF
Supply230 V ~/50Hz
Input750 VA
CoverIP 43
Dimensions590 x 1350 mm
Weight48 kg
SafetyAutomatic clamps
Flow0 - 2000 ml/min
Max tepm.45°C
Probes8 temperature
2 pressure
Four automatic clamps control a cytostatics fluid flowing. You can switch them and regulate the cytostatics flowing according to hydroschemes. These clamps serve as a safety brake moreover.
There is 4 more probes for temperature measuring directly in an abdominal cavity, besides the abdominal cavity inlet and outlet temperatures.
A pressure monitoring is neccessary to keep a patient's abdominal cavity and surgical staff in save. According to FDA warning was developed removable pressure cassette by our company.